Sunday, July 17, 2005

Certainly not High and Dry

Buying movie tickets yesterday night at PVR Saket was an exercise in simple-decision making. Reached with my roomie to watch Dus (I'm an AB Jr fan). But then it was felt that a LOT of bright people would've had the same idea s we should have a Plan B. Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya, Fantastic Four and Sahara (in no particular order) fell into this.

And then roomie reached box office. The only seats available were for Sahara, that too in the front row. That was an easy decision. (Well, at least leg space is not an issue - I'm quite the optimist)

And the movie turned out to be a surprising entertainer. I guess it helps when expectations are low (or non-existent).

Matthew M as the former Navy-guy-turned-private-artifact-hunting-sea-diver is cool and Penelope Cruz playing the WHO doctor in Africa is understatedly hot. But for me, the Oscar for comic timing goes to Steve Zahn. This guy justs let it rip with his one liners (more like two-worders) and characeristic "Hi, how are ya?"

Visuals are good, the Niger river looks breathtaking and the action-and-escape sequences have a Bollywood-ish touch to them. Was wondering as I walked out - I wouldn't have enjoyed the same stuff in a Hindi flick! Perhaps it has to do with the slickness of the cinematography and editing. Enjoyed Musafir for the same reason - trashy movie otherwise as far as content went.

Like always, saw quite a few trailers of in before the screening started. Love that bit of a movie theatre experience. More on that later


Sinfully Pinstripe said...

Dude, I took the piece from a Finstreet edition (remember the Unnati newsletter?).

And so can you.

Kafka on the Shore said...

sounds like fuN! i think i will go to the cinema soon. :)