Monday, July 11, 2005

Little Johnny wants to play

Y'know, if it hadn't been for the weather, a LOT of people would have struggled for conversation. And bloggers for content.

But this is a case of discontent.

First Delhi heats up like a veritable tandoor. The sun beats down mercilessly. Tempers rise. Water runs dry. Power cuts only add to the collective misery. Everybody prays for rain. The weatherman goes into overdrive and (without fail every year) announces - "the monsoon will be normal."

Then it clouds up. Dark clouds. Thunder. Stray bolts of lightning. Gusty wind. And a whole lot of dust that envelops the city just REFUSING to settle.

And finally, Hallelujah. It actually rains. Motorcyclists get drenched, pedestrians get stranded at bus stops and under trees. The earth smells amazing.

Everyone happy? Well, not quite!!

The pot holes fill up with water. And (horror of horrors) new ones materialise overnight. Traffic clogs up everywhere. The air is stickier than superglue (creative idea for Fevicol's next!?). The sweat doesn't flow - it just forms an irritatingly thin surface all over your skin and you end up sticking to anything you touch :(

Hot roadside pakoras or dal vadas and chai are the saving grace.

Winter is the only season which hints that God could be a Delhi-ite!


Pixel8 said...

Oh well... no matter what everybody says about the extreme weather conditions in Delhi... I love it! :) We get to experience it all :D

Sinfully Pinstripe said...

I will say something which no self-respecting Bangalrean will say. I do miss the delhi winter, oh yeah I do.

YOU are as funny as ever, dude. Way to go.

SomeOl'Guy said...

i hate missing the monsoons, but i'm living through this year's edition vicariously through you! amazingly, i seem to have come from too-hot delhi to too-hot boston, with a brief spell in quite-pleasant london - so much for those who complain about the weather in blighty....